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How am I doing with Natalia? Let me know! Anon on, IP tracking off. Comments are unscreened by default but I can screen them if you request it while commenting. PM me or contact me at [ profile] laurelbranching if you have any other concerns you'd like to address.
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messages for natalia
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Room: 1-07
Collar: Blue

Trunk Contents
➵ Clothing
➵ Bow & arrows
Scildecido capacity core, equipped
Lunatito capacity core, unequipped
➵ A picture of herself, replica Luke, and Guy from their childhood
➵ A locket with a picture of her father on one side and a picture of Luke (actually pre-kidnapping Asch) in childhood

Death Count
➵ None yet.
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An unfortunate arrival || August 5th, early evening, hedge maze floor || Natalia & Sheba
Natalia explores the tower upon her arrival, and gets into a spot of trouble. A young girl rescues her but pays with her life.
A cry for help || August 5th, evening, network/dormitory halls || Natalia & Asch, Mamoru, Dark Pit, Jade
After Sheba's death, Natalia reaches out on the network for someone to talk to. Asch sees her message and comes to find her; Mamoru offers to escort her to the cafeteria for her first meal.
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Player Information

Name: Daphne
Personal Journal: No journal, but my musebox is [community profile] laurelbranching
Age: 20 going on 21
Contact Info: [ profile] laurelbranching
Other Characters Played: None as of right now but may be apping another character this round

Character Information

Character Name: Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear
Character Series: Tales of the Abyss
Character Age: 18 by Auldrant standards, actually 36 because their years are twice as long as regular years
Character Gender: Female
Original Canon
Canon Point: Shortly before the last meeting with Asch at Grand Chokmah
Background Link: Here
Personality: Natalia is first and foremost a princess. This means that she holds herself to incredibly high standards, because a princess must reflect the very best parts of her citizens and her country. She loves Kimlasca deeply and this is evident in almost everything that she does: From establishing hospitals for the poor, to learning to master the Seventh Fonon so she can use it to aid them, to journeying all across Auldrant to make the world a better place. Nobles who only look out for other nobles disgust her. She believes that being in a position of authority gives her a duty toward the people who do not have the same capability of making things happen as she does and that it is inherently wrong for her to not help her people (and the rest of Auldrant) as much as she can. She is steadfastly loyal to her homeland and to the people living in it, and that sincere loyalty has earned her the people's loyalty in return.

She is also highly idealistic. She firmly believes that it is possible to create a world where people don't suffer from poverty or sickness or war, though she does acknowledge that such a world would take a vast amount of effort to create and maintain. She is willing to put forth this effort and fight for a better world even if it means leaving the comforts of home and suffering in the meantime. "Though the short run may be uncomfortable, it will pay off in the long run" is something that Natalia most definitely believes in. What is important is to not give up and she truly does try her best to live up to her ideals.

Unfortunately, Natalia does have a tendency to depend on others and she has the potential to shut down entirely when she loses their support. Though at her canon point it hasn't happened yet, Asch's death caused her to doubt herself so much that she and her friends fell right into Sync's trap and nearly died as a result. When she was deemed an impostor and a pretender to the throne of Kimlasca, her spirits fell because she lost the support of her father, because family is incredibly important to her. It was the support of her people and her friends that rekindled her spirits, not purely her own strength of will. She is not a weak-willed person but losing the people she cares about does make her doubt herself significantly.

She can be harsh. This is not because she wants to cause people pain with her harshness but because she wants to see them grow. She demands the best from herself and from others in everything that they do. If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right; she can't abide sloppy execution when it can be easily avoided. If someone is acting like a child, she will tell them so. If she is acting like a child, she will do her best to rectify the situation the moment it comes to light. She is not intentionally hypocritical, but she does still have a lot to learn about the world; at times, she can exhibit the same sort of behavior she condemns in others, though she does at least make a sincere effort to learn from her mistakes and to not repeat them.

Most of the time she is calm and mature, if a bit bossy. She is used to her orders being followed as that is something that comes with being raised as royalty. She is charitable, kindhearted, and charismatic. People follow her not because they have to but because they want to and because they know that she will do everything in her power to do the right thing by them. She stands by her convictions and won't allow herself to be strung along by the whims of others; rather, she makes a decision based on her own sense of morality and what's right. She has decent instincts and strives to make sure she knows all sides of a situation before coming to a conclusion, and she is not content to sit at home and let someone else do a job that she herself could perform exceedingly well.

Even if she does not immediately hit it off with someone she is generally willing to get to know them and re-evaluate her impressions of them. For example she did not initially get along with Tear or Anise when joining the party but as time passed she came to care for them deeply. This can sometimes work in the reverse as well, however: she was willing to believe in Luke at first, but after Akzeriuth she lost faith in him, though he was able to earn her trust back in the end. She knows very well that as much as she would like for the people precious to her to be able to get along with her forever, human beings are not static. She knows that people change and that sometimes you have to change the way you interact with them.

This is most obvious in the way she treats Asch and Luke. The Luke fon Fabre that would become Asch was one of her dearest friends in childhood and her first love; she holds fast to the promise that the two of them made and has acted overbearingly toward Luke the replica in an effort to make him remember it as she didn't know he wasn't the person who made that promise. She has believed for so much of her life that Luke fon Fabre was a single person that she sometimes still mixes Asch and Luke up in her mind. It isn't because she doesn't see them as separate, because she does know from experience that they both behave differently from the other: It is because it isn't easy to take something you've believed was true for so long and admit that it is false. In spite of that, she does her best to adjust to the changes that the revelation of their replication has brought.

Now that she knows it was Asch she made the promise with so many years ago, her feelings are mostly directed towards him, but she has started to accept that things may not ever be the same as they were before. Similarly, though she does still sometimes inadvertently view Luke the replica as the boy she made the promise with, she has done her best to be accepting of his blossoming relationship with Tear and the fact that he is making bonds with others that do not include her. Though at her canon point she hasn't quite managed it, it is shown that with time she can come to accept the both of them as separate people and that she can accept that the promise she and Asch made in childhood no longer binds them together. What she wants most of all is for the both of them to be truly happy even if they find that happiness without her.
Abilities: Here
Sample Entry: dear_mun post


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